Friday, June 15, 2018

Coffee Date || Pool Party, Sorority Recruitment, & More!

Hello, and happy Friday! This week has totally been a whirlwind between my first successful recruitment shoot and working two jobs all week but now I'm totally looking forward to sleeping in and enjoying the weekend!

Cue the Coffee

The weekend wasn't as sunny as I had hoped, but I made the best of it anyway! Saturday my BF and I had planned to go to the zoo but it was raining all afternoon so we decided to postpone our trip until a sunnier day. Instead, we decided to do some shopping and head to Shake Shack for lunch! I forgot how good those burgers were, I'm already planning our next trip back!

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Sunday was my first official recruitment video shoot of the season! Again, the weather wasn't up to my expectations considering it only ended up being 70 degrees at the hottest- we still threw on our bathing suits, blew up our cutest floaties and took tons of cute video and pictures for recruitment! Everything turned out great and everyone had a fun time so all my planning paid off. Now I have to start planning the next one on June 30, ha!

Cue the Coffee

Cue the Coffee

Here are some pictures of how my decorations turned out! I shared some sneak peeks on Insta stories last week and I'm happy that my visions turned out pretty good!

This was my first time making a balloon "arch" decoration and I have to say I'm pretty proud of it! I ended up using a needle and thread to stick all of the balloons together and then tied them to the branches of the trees. It made a reverse arch shape but it looked so cute in all of the video and pictures we took!

I will say I wish I had a few more in attendance, but overall I'm happy with how the day turned out. I have some fun plans for the next video shoots coming up and I can't wait to share more details soon :)

Cue the Coffee
Tank // Jean Shorts // Tory Burch Miller Sandals

Later in the week I finally got around to making it back to Warby Parker to pick out a new pair of glasses! I brought my dad along with me to help me decide what frames looked better and we had so much fun! I walked away with these frames (not pictured) and they ended up being $125 for reference.

My eyesight isn't the greatest (-5.25 if you're curious, ha!) so I need to be wearing glasses or contacts at all times in order to see and it's been a while since I got my glasses updated. I wanted a pair of frames that I loved and felt confident wearing out more often but also affordable- that's pretty hard to find! I opted out of buying through my optometrist (which can add up pretty quickly) and was so excited when a Warby Parker store opened at the same time I needed a glasses update!

The frames were $95 and claimed to include the price of lenses, however I ended up paying $30 extra for a thinner lens because of my prescription. I wasn't expecting to have to pay the extra but I figured it would be worth it since I know I'll have these for the next few years!

Other than that my week was pretty uneventful! I'm still getting used to my new job and have been working more days during the week which has been great! I'm also still babysitting while school is finishing up- this afternoon I'm taking them swimming so wish me luck, ha!

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my BF and his family to celebrate father's day, and then Sunday we'll be celebrating with my family!

What are your plans for the weekend?


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How to deal with job rejection,

And my Father's Day Gift Guide!


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Father's Day Gift Guide

Cue the Coffee
Dad Life Hat // Beer Pong Pool Float // Papa Bear Camp Mug
Dad Genes Card // Coolest Pop Card // Amazon Echo // Tie // Dad Book
1000 Reasons To Panic book // Watch (use code "ANGELA20" for 20% off!)

Father's Day is coming up fast.... to be honest I didn't even realize it was this weekend until yesterday! I need to get my shopping done ASAP!

To me, shopping for guys is so hard. I never know what they'd like or what they'd use so my go-to is usually a t-shirt, or tickets to a baseball game. However, my dad is a huuuuuge baseball fan so getting tickets to a game is always a fun present- plus we get to spend time together which is a bonus!

Now that I work at Paper Source, I've been seeing people come in buying the cutest gifts and cards for their dads (I picked out this card for my dad!) so I wanted to put together some fun gift inspiration to help make your Father's Day special. :)

One of my favorites I found while looking around at work was this cute little "What I Love About Dad" notebook. It's pocket-sized and filled with little prompts to fill out all about different things you love about your Dad. This would be perfect if you have younger kids but you still want to give a sentimental gift. This also comes in a Grandpa version!

Another gift I love is the inflatable beer pong game, ha! I think this is so fun and so different- plus it would be perfect for summer vacations or pool parties where the whole (21+) family could play!

How are you celebrating your dad this weekend?


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Monday, June 11, 2018

Internship Tips || Dealing With Rejection

Hello, Hello! It's been a minute since I've done an internship tips post here on the blog and I have an explanation for that... I did not get any of the internships I applied for, but that's okay. I had a long journey with applying and even though I didn't get the positions I was hoping for I learned a lot of lessons along the way that will help me when I'm really ready for internships in the near future. Since I shared in a recent Coffee Date post that I recently got a new job with Paper Source, I thought it was time for a little explanation since this is obviously not an advertising/marketing position.

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So, I'll start with a little background. I started going to Community College immediately after I graduated from high school back in 2014. I had zero direction and honestly wasn't even sure I was going to go to college until the very last day of high school when I drove myself downtown, filled out the paperwork, and registered myself for classes. My first few semesters were just spent figuring out what I liked and where I could see myself being. I started off majoring in finance (learned that I hated math), switched to marketing after I started selling products with my sister for the first time (didn't realize marketing was 80% math), and finally found my place with communications and advertising.

With all that change, and even transfering schools in the process, internships weren't even on my radar until this semester when I realized my program requires two to graduate. Having this new information in my head, I kind of switched into panic mode and started applying to jobs back in February. I applied to so many and only a handful had called me back for an interview. While I was doing all of this, I hadn't consulted my academic advisor at all, so I had no idea what I should have been looking for or that I needed to also be registered and pay for a class to go along with an internship. Basically, I was way in over my head and had no direction.

Even after meeting with my academic advisor (finally) and having the realization that I wasn't ready or didn't know what I was doing, I still went in to all the interviews and put my best foot forward because I figured the experience would still count on my resume. I wanted that experience, and I wanted to finally be able to work in the field that I'm going to school for. I tried so hard, I worked on my resume, wrote handfuls of cover letters, and buttoned up my uncomfy work pants more than I'd like, but it just didn't work out and it was out of my hands.

Via Pinterest

I thought that I had been doing everything right, I thought that I was pretty good at interviewing, there was even one job I was 100% sure I was going to get and I was so excited about- when I got the rejection email I was devastated. But I moved on. After a certain point I really just realized the time was not right for me. With the acceptance of rejection I decided to focus my mind on other things that would be just as fulfilling.

If I had gotten an internship I'm not sure if my sister and I would have launched our t-shirt shop, Punchy Prints. I'm also not sure if I would have been as consistent here on the blog. Even though both of these platforms are so small still, they're spaces that are mine and that show off my creative ability. They're also spaces where I can make my own experiences through brand partnerships, and managing orders. Everything I know about design, blogging, creating, etc. is all self taught and I think that's pretty impressive!

I also would have never gotten the chance to work at Paper Source- one of my favorite stores ever. Of course it's just a part time job, but it's a brand I've been passionate about for years and I never know what other opportunities could be around the corner!

So, if you've been in this place, have been rejected from jobs or internships and nothing seems to be working out, just know this- everything happens for a reason! Everything will always work out the way it's supposed to.

Now, with the new school year on the horizon and a new perspective on internships, I'll be able to go into the job search this next time with more experience and confidence. I'm happy with how everything worked out, I have an extra summer to work on what I want to do and create experiences for myself and there's nothing wrong with that!

I hope this little story helps someone out there. It can be hard to be rejected from a job, especially a job that you think you really want. Like I said before, everything happens for a reason and even if it seems hard at the time, there is always something better for you on the horizon. :)

How have you dealt with rejection from jobs? What are some tips you picked up from the interviewing process?

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, June 8, 2018

June Inspiration Board

Cue the Coffee

Hello and happy Friday! I hope you've all had a productive and fun first week of June!

I don't have my usual coffee date post up today because this week has been prettty uneventful. My parents went out of town so I spent my week taking care of our dog, working, and prepping for a recruitment video shoot which has taken a lot more time out of my days than I anticipated, ha!

Anyway, this month is going to be another fun one! I have two recruitment video/ photo shoots coming up, one being a pool party this weekend! I've spent a lot of time getting my decorations together and planning out how I'm going to shoot the clips. I can't wait to share pics of how it turns out in next week's coffee date post! (but for a little hint I will share that I picked up this beach ball, these cute little party hats, and a bunch of stuff for a cute little photo booth!)

The other recruitment shoot this month will be held at a local park and I even recruited the help of a photographer who graduated from another sorority on campus to get some good pictures for our social media for the summer! I don't have too much else planned but I will for sure share updates as those come!

Lastly, I've been loving my new job at Paper Source so far! (notice a few goodies I shared on my inspiration board like the fun pom pom bag!) I'm still kind of trying to get the hang of things but now that I'm basically done with training I just have to learn as I go :) I'm signed up to teach some kids camp workshops at the end of the month so wish me luck with that! To prepare I'm planning on taking my niece to a slime workshop coming up in a few days just to see how the kids camps are ran and spend some fun time with my niece- she loves making slime, ha!

Now that I've gotten back into a routine I'm excited to get back to being more active on Instagram and here on the blog! What are you looking forward to this month? Let me know in the comments below!



Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Passion Planner Pro Flip Through & Review || 2018-2019

I know that for most of us summer break has just begun and the last thing we want to think about is going back to school...BUT this is the prime time to get your hands on a new academic planner. Most planner companies have started doing pre-orders and new launches and some academic agendas are even available for purchase now!

I am a complete planner nerd. Seriously, I've tried almost every single planner out there (Lilly Pulitzer, Day Designer, Erin Condren, May Designs, Rifle Paper Co., Ban.Do...just to name a few!) and up until this past year I could never find a planner that stuck for me. Some were too busy, some were too blank, and some were just hard for me to keep up with. Maybe my other problem is I'm just nosey and need to try everything out there, ha who knows!

Anyway, up until this past January I was in a serious planner rut (what a problem to have, right? lol!). I was looking for a new planner for the new year that was functional and fun to use- that's when my BF actually turned me onto the Passion Planner! He was doing some research on all the planners I haven't tried and suggested I try that one. Hesitantly, I purchased one on major sale for $5 and the rest is history.

Now that a new academic year is on the horizon I'm happy to say I made a repurchase and got a Passion Planner Pro in rose gold! Another great thing about this planner is that a portion of the proceeds go to different charities! For every purchase of the rose gold planners, $1 is donated to the Malala Fund to help girls work and learn without fear! How cool!

Anyway, after that super long intro I am going to show you a quick review and flip through of my (mostly) blank planner and explain the different components and why this planner has been such a game changer for me. Closer to the school year and after a few weeks of use I will show a post on how I organize my Passion Planner.

This is the cover of the Rose Gold Passion Planner Pro. With the new release of the academic planners there is no longer an option for a large or small size- this one just meets in the middle of both! The pro is 7x10, so it's just slightly smaller than a standard piece of paper. Last year I had the larger size and though this one is just a little bit smaller I think I'll love it just as much! The only difference I've noticed so far is that the hourly boxes are just the slightest bit smaller.

The inside cover is left blank and prompts you to write your favorite memories from throughout the year and there is also a space to write your name and information. As you can see I like to use the blank space for stickers instead of writing anything on it! I'm a sticker hoarder and can never leave somewhere new without a little sticker to put in my planners! (Notice the Holland sticker!) Opening up my planner to all my fun stickers makes me smile and brings back good memories. Almost all of my stickers were gifts or from chapter orders in my sorority so far but I can't wait to add more throughout the year :)

The next page explains how you can benefit from using the Passion Planner, their story, how it's set up, etc. On the bottom left page there is also a few prompts that help you start thinking about your goals for the upcoming year.

The next page in the planner is my favorite. This is where you can find the passion roadmap! The planner has more detailed instructions on how you can set up this roadmap but basically it just has you list out goals you want to accomplish within the next three months, one year, three years, and in your lifetime. There is actually two of these passion roadmaps in the planner- one before August and one before January. I really like that there is two passion roadmaps because it allows you to revisit and reevaluate your goals for the new year.

Here is a little bit of a closer look at both pages- the left side is the whole passion roadmap, while the right side has you pick out a specific goal and think about ways you can achieve it within the next three months. This also prompts you to write down all your goals in the monthly layouts throughout the year.

The next page is more information on why the passion planner works and why you should take time to write things down. If you've never used a passion planner before this is a good resource to figure out how to organize it and set it up!

Next there is a spread that has both the 2018 and 2019 years laid out along with a list of holidays for each year and some brainstorming space. This space would be perfect for planning a wedding to write down details you don't want to forget, or planning out big events like graduations or career goals. :)

After the yearly layout begins the actual planning pages! This is what a monthly layout will look like- I love the large boxes because I can fit everything I need to in them! I also love the boxes on the side where you can write down people to see, places to go, and a "not to-do list". I use these during the school year to remind myself about meetings I need to have and things I want to do during that month!

At the bottom there is also two spaces for to-do lists- one for personal and one for work! I use the "work" list to keep track of project due dates during the school year and other career/school related goals, and I use the "personal" list to keep track of my budgeting for the month (how much I need to save, bills I need to pay, etc.).

Here is a little bit of a closer look at both pages of the spread. There is also a space of infinite possibility for each month- I like to use this space for a monthly "bucket list", monthly goals, or to make a mini passion roadmap for a single goal I want to complete for the month!

Here is the weekly spread- this is honestly what sold me on this planner! Every day has an hourly layout that starts at 6am and goes until 10:30pm. Especially during the school year this is perfect for me because I typically have pretty jam packed days between work, school, sorority stuff, and now the blog!

The time boxes aren't as small as they look, I'm able to write in everything I need to as well as all my homework assignments and projects.

Along with the hourly boxes the weekly layout also includes a personal and work to-do list, a place to write down your week's focus and each daily focus, a spot to write down all the good things that happened during the week, and an inspirational quote!

All of these different components and list sports make it super easy for me to stay organized and on top of everything I need to to! I'm a list maker so I think having designated lists that are designed to help me complete all my to-do's is really what makes this planner work for me!

After each completed month there is a reflection page that asks you questions about what happened during the month, how you can make the next month better, and makes sure you're on track for completing your goals. I like taking time at the end of the month to fill this out and reflect since I can never stick to journaling!

At the very end of the planner there is a ton of note paper- something I love in a planner! I use this space to write down my class schedules for the year, important things to know for the year, my budget plan, etc.

And at the verrry end of the planner there is a huge pocket! Since the pro is smaller than a standard piece of paper you won't be able to fit a regular sized document in there without having to fold it. I keep the stickers I like to use (my favorites are from Ban.Do!), some notes from friends, and important things I don't want to lose (like my eyeglass prescription!).

And that's a look through the new Passion Planner Pro! If you made it through my not-so-quick flip through, thank you, ha!

If you are on the fence or are looking for a new planner but don't know where to start I would 110% recommend the Passion Planner. It kept me so organized and on top of my goals and assignments last year and I can't wait to start using it again come August!

Will you try the Passion Planner this school year? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


Monday, June 4, 2018

Neutrogena Acne Proofing Launch

Yesterday was a dreary, rainy day here in MI so I took that as an opportunity to have a little spa day in and treat my skin to some new goodies from the Neutrogena Acne Proofing line! I love treating my skin every few days to keep it clear and looking its best, so I was super excited to have the chance to try these new products from Neutrogena!

I threw on my favorite cozy sweatshirt, brewed a cup of tea and broke out my Acne Proofing Gel Cleanser and Daily Scrub and got to cleansing...

Cue the Coffee

This new line of skin cleansers is really great, especially if you have acne prone skin. By using these two products regularly in your routine they will help to clear breakouts and make your skin more acne resistant. So basically while you're treating existing breakouts using these products you are also starting to defend against new ones! How cool!

If you've been following along here on the blog for a while, you'd know I do have sensitive skin and struggle more with redness than I do acne- however I have horrible stubborn blackheads and still get hormonal breakouts during the month. I've found that these products haven't irritated my skin or added any additional redness, however I do only use them in my t-zone where most of my acne and blackheads are.

Cue the Coffee

The Acne Proofing Gel Cleanser is a daily face wash designed for those who have acne-prone skin. This cleanser contains maximum strength salicylic acid which targets pesky breakouts and fights to clear them up quick! If you're struggling with deep pores like I am, or have acne-prone skin, using a product with salicylic acid is going to help dry up all those imperfections before they get worse. If I feel like I need a more gentle treatment for a breakout this product is perfect for me! After cleansing I'll swipe on my toner and some moisturizer and my skin is squeaky clean and good to go! 

Cue the Coffee

My personal favorite of the two products is the Acne Proofing Daily Scrub! Although I don't use this every day, it is safe and gentle enough to use daily if needed. I've been using this product every few days after cleansing to exfoliate my skin while treating it for breakouts. Like the Acne Proofing Gel Cleanser, the scrub also contains salicylic acid to help clear those stubborn pimples and blackheads. Even with the exfoliating beads this product hasn't irritated my sensitive skin at all. I only use this in my t-zone and it works perfectly! My skin feels smooth and fresh after each use.

I'd totally recommend both of these products to anyone who struggles with any kind of acne. I've found that they're gentle enough to use on my skin, but effective because of the salicylic acid! The best part about both of these products (aside from clearing your skin!) they can both be found at your local drugstore for under $10!

Have you tried any products from the Neutrogena Acne Proofing Launch yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

This post is sponsored by BrandBacker. All opinions are my own. Thank you to the brands who work with me and make Cue the Coffee possible!


Friday, June 1, 2018

Coffee Date || Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Friday, friends! More importantly happy national DONUT day!! I hope you all enjoyed a short work week because I know I did :) I had a pretty productive few days between working on a lot of new stuff for the blog, going back for more training at my new job, and working on some new stuff for Punchy Prints.

Cue the Coffee
48 South Bari Sundress

Like I mentioned in last week's coffee date post I have been working really hard on creating some new content here on the blog and I was able to share my first post on Tuesday featuring this dress from 48 south! They were so sweet to work with and I had so much fun creating the post- they will for sure be one of my go-to online boutiques for cute, unique pieces!

Cue the Coffee
Tank Top (similar) // Blush Shorts (similar) // Jack Rogers

I took the weekend to just relax and have fun! One of my favorite things we did was going putt putting- my dad, BF, and I all went to the local putt putt course and then got ice cream afterwards. I came in last and my competitive side definitely came out (ha!) but it was a fun time and we are already planning to go again during our family vacation in July!

Cue the Coffee

Over the weekend we also attended a parade and a BBQ to celebrate Memorial Day! My BF and I had so much fun, we collected candy with the kids and sipped our mimosas as we watched the parade. This parade has been one of my favorite Memorial Day traditions for years, so sharing it with my BF for the second year in a row was so much fun!

Cue the Coffee

On Tuesday it was my mom's birthday! To celebrate we spent the afternoon together getting pedicures. Luckily I had the day off so I was able to spend the whole day with my mom! It was a lot of fun and very much needed as sandal season is in full swing, ha!

Wednesday I had another day of training at my new job, Paper Source. Seriously, I have never had a job training that was more fun than this one! We got to tour the store and learn more about all the paper, craft supplies, and cute little gifts they cary. We also were given a list of things to find throughout the store (like a gift for a 6 year old boy, a notebook with no lines, a book for a teenager, etc.), kind of like a scavenger hunt! After we had to present all our finds to the manager and tell her why we picked them out. I'll still be training for a few more shifts but I'm looking forward to working there more as the summer goes on!

Cue the Coffee

Just in time for National Donut Day today my sister and I just launched this adorable tee! It's seriously my new favorite because I think it's so funny! We are offering 10% off with code DONUT today in honor of my favorite little holiday :)

Last night my sister and I took a quick trip to Tim Hortons for some donuts and a cute little photo opp! Currently I'm on my way to meet my sister at a local donut truck to get another donut day treat! I told you, it's my favorite holiday!

Tonight is my big's 22nd birthday party and I'm so excited to go and catch up! The rest of this weekend is pretty uneventful so far, I think my BF and I are going to try a new brunch spot that just opened near me tomorrow morning, and Sunday I have another work shift. Not as exciting as my other weekends, ha!

What are your plans for the weekend?