Friday, January 24, 2020


Word of the Year JOY mug

Hello, and welcome back to the blog! I decided that I wanted to start up a "Coffee Date" weekly blog post basically just rounding up the week with links to everything from new items in the Etsy shop, the new podcast episode from the week, and any other links or products that I've been loving recently!

I had a lot of fun putting together this first Coffee Date post and thinking about my favorite things from the week!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite thing is or if you end up trying anything from this list!

Etsy Fav of the Week:
My Etsy shop favorite of the week is the small "Te Amo" hoodie! I've been wearing it nonstop since I got it in the mail and I just think its the coziest thing ever. I also really like the simplicity of the smaller design in the corner, I think it looks really nice and is easy to pair with some leggings and sneakers for a cozy athleisure look, or your favorite pair of jeans for a more "dressed up" look!

Small Te Amo Hoodie image 1

New in the Shop:
Since the last time I wrote a blog post we have released a whole new "self love" collection on Etsy! This collection is focused all on love and self love because we believe that a focus on love doesn't just have to be in February, but it can be celebrated year-round! You can see and shop the new collection here! And below are some of my new favorite designs and items :)

Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt image 0 Self Love Mug image 0 Te Amo Crew image 0

This Week's Podcast Episode:
In the most recent podcast episode I talked about why I like choosing a word of the year, what the story behind my 2020 word of the year is and some helpful tips and tricks to help you pick yours out if you still are deciding!

You can listen with the link below or find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, just search "Cue the Coffee".

Five Favorite Finds From the Week:
I recently ordered Body Love by Kelly Leveque on Amazon to learn more about food and nutrition. This book also has a handful of good smoothie and lunch recipes in it that I can't wait to try out! I'm only a couple pages into reading it but already I've learned so much and can't wait to implement my new knowledge into my diet :)

I loved this week's podcast episode from Collin and Bianca's Easy way or Hard Way Podcast that was all about manifestation and gratitude. It inspired me to start a little journal where I can write the manifestations that I want to happen in my life as well as things I'm grateful for that day!

I forgot how much I loved my St. Anne tote from Barrington Gifts! Its huge and fits everything but also looks professional so it's been the perfect tote to take with me to interviews these past couple of weeks!

I got a new candle from Target this past weekend and you need it. Its the "wildberry froze" scent from the opalhouse collection and smells exactly like the blue scooby doo fruit snacks you used to eat when you were younger. I know that's like super specific, but wow its just so good, ha!

My last favorite of the week is...Uno! Lol! My BF and I picked this up on one of many Target runs because we had a pretty bad snow storm and were basically snowed in for the whole day and wanted something to do. We played probably about 5 games of Uno with my dad and it was so fun, I forgot how much I liked it! So, if you're looking for something to keep you and your friends busy this winter, invest the $5.99 and pick up a game of Uno!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great weekend and see ya on Monday!


Friday, January 3, 2020


Hello friends, and happy new year! I hope you all had safe and fun celebrations over the holidays and are refreshed and ready for the new year ahead!

I have been keeping pretty busy lately with Cue the Coffee because there is officially NEW MERCH now available in the Etsy Shop! My sister and I worked together on this new launch and had the fun idea to compile some of our favorite words of the year people have chosen and put those on t-shirts, crew neck sweaters, and coffee mugs! Our idea behind this launch was to give you the opportunity to have an item or piece of clothing that represents what you want to accomplish for the new year ahead, because when you pick your word of the year you want to make sure you write it down and just have it everywhere so you are always motivated to get after it!

In almost all of these designs you can see that we chose to do a repeating design of the word, and this was such a purposeful design pick for us (bonus it's pretty trendy right now too!). We chose to have the words repeat to reinforce the idea that these items are meant to be a constant reminder as to WHY you chose this specific word to help guide you through the new year ahead. I just love how they all turned out so much! We have four available in the shop currently and will be adding a fifth one very soon.

So, without further adieu here are are Word of the Year designs for 2020:

Word of the Year Crew: JOY repeated image 0

Word of the Year Mug: JOY repeated image 0

Word of the Year Tee: JOY repeated image 0

Word of the Year Crew: JOY image 0

Word of the Year Tee: JOY image 0

Word of the Year Mug: JOY image 0

Word of the Year Tee: FOCUS image 0

Word of the Year Mug: FOCUS image 0

Word of the Year Crew: FOCUS image 0

Word of the Year Crew: ADVENTURE image 0

Word of the Year Tee: ADVENTURE image 0

Word of the Year Mug: ADVENTURE image 0

Word of the Year Crew: GRACE image 0

Word of the Year Tee: GRACE image 0

Word of the Year Mug: GRACE image 0

That's all for now! Make sure to follow along because there is a lot of new things coming to Cue the Coffee, Etsy and more this year!

Let me know what YOUR word of the year for 2020 is!


Tuesday, December 17, 2019

My Planning and Organization System | Google Cal, Day Designer, and Powersheets

Hello, and welcome back to Cue the Coffee!

The fist episode of my podcast was all about my planning and organization system that I use to stay organized and on track to reach my goals, so I wanted to do a little blog post to go along with it and get a little more in-depth!

For my organization system, I use three different tools; Google Cal, my Day Designer Planner, and my Powersheets! I use each one for different things and this is the system that has helped me stay the most on top of everything I've had going on. It's a shame that it took me until my last semester of college to figure this out, but oh well I guess I'll just be super organized during my post-grad life-ha!

Google Calendar:
Google cal review, how-to

Here is a quick screen grab of what a typical month in my Google Cal looks like (except December is pretty bare since I'm officially D O N E with college classes!). This is where I like to input my class schedule, work schedule, bills due, fun things...basically anything that I have going on will go in here! I put all my events in here before I put them into my planner just because its a little quicker and easier, especially if I'm out and about. For example, if I'm at the dentist's office and I need to make my next appointment I'll look here first and put the next date in here instead of having to bring my big planner to the dentist's office...ha!

But anyway, Google Cal is way more convenient than I thought it would be. I can put addresses in with the events (which has been a huge game changer for me since I'm always getting lost), it will send you a notification 30 min before each event which has been super helpful, and overall it just helps me stay super organized while on the go!

day designer planner, 2019 planner, 2020 planner, review, how-to

This is my current 2019 Day Designer planner, I already repurchased for 2020 because this is my favorite planner I have ever used. This is great because it has one day on each individual page; one half is an hourly schedule (I have the mini so it goes from 7am to 7pm!), and a to-do list on the other half! So obviously this is where I will write my smaller day-to-day items on my to-do list, and I will write things like work, classes, appointments, etc. in the hourly schedule and make sure that matches up with the events on my Google Cal.

I also like to keep my supplies I use very minimal when planning in my Day Designer. This helps me feel less overwhelmed when writing in it and takes the stress off of me to keep it looking "perfect". The pens I use are blue Bic ballpoint pens (I get these in a pack of 10 at the dollar store! Random, I know, but they're honestly my favorite!), and Zebra highlighters (I just bought this five-pack for my 2020 planner!)

day designer planner, 2019 planner, 2020 planner, review

Here is a quick example of what a few days in my planner would look like! Again, I try and keep it really simple and easy to keep up with :)

goal planner, goal setting, 2020 goals, 2019 goals

Lastly, here are my powersheets! This is what I use to set goals each month and check in with myself to make sure I am reaching those goals. I've only been using this since July, but I really have seen so much progress in myself since incorporating powersheets into my organization routine. I first picked these up because I had a lot of different things going on and I needed something to help me sort out my goals- financial, academic, career, and more. So, I stumbled upon powersheets, immediately bought the six month one and haven't looked back since! I actually ordered the 2020 powersheets at exactly 10 am on launch day just to make sure I had them- ha!

For these, I like to use my Paper Mate InkJoy colored pens in the monthly goal setting pages, just to make it a little more fun. I don't have a strict color code or anything, I usually just pick "festive" colors based on the time of the year!

If you are looking for something to help you reach and plan out your goals, I highly suggest powersheets!

And that's about it for what I use as my little planning and organization system! Hopefully this helps someone out there looking to get more organized or who is trying to set new goals for the upcoming new year.

How do you plan your goals?


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Get to Know Me & Cue the Coffee!


Hello, hello! And welcome to Cue the Coffee! My name is Angela and I am the creator behind this little space.

My idea for Cue the Coffee is for it to be your #1 productivity resource where I will talk about all things organization, planning, routines, and more! I love learning about new ways to help make my life feel more organized and put together so I thought, why not start my own platform that encompasses everything organization and motivation all in one place?! Basically, I will be talking about anything and everything that makes you Cue the Coffee :)

My main platform is going to be my podcast, Cue the Coffee! There I will be talking about organization, goal setting, post-grad life, career tips, and more! I have so many fun things planned already for the podcast that I can't wait to start putting more work into now that I have some more time in my days! Let me know if you have any specific podcast episode requests below.

I will also be posting here on the blog as well a few times throughout the month! My goal is to write blog posts that will go along with my podcast episodes that will go live each week, and maybe even a few bonus ones here and there :)

Lastly, I have my Etsy shop where I am going to be selling some cute, coffee themed items! This won't necessarily be "merch" for my brand, but more cute, and motivational coffee apparel to help inspire you!

I am so excited to spend some more time working on this platform of mine and have so many big ideas for Cue the Coffee that I can't wait to share. Please keep checking back, Cue the Coffee will officially launch in January 2020!