Friday, March 22, 2019

Coffee Date

Cue the Coffee

Hello, and as always happy Friday!

I'm sorry for being so MIA on Instagram and here on the blog- I feel like I've been playing catch up ever since I got home from spring break and this semester is just really kicking my butt! Not only am I going to class full time and working my three jobs, every assignment I've gotten since September has been a paper- ugh! Obviously I love to write but when it comes to 10 page mid-term papers I'm not the biggest fan. Stack three of those on top of each other that are all due basically within days of each's pretty stressful. However, the end of the semester is in sight and then I'll have a (hopefully!) less crazy schedule soon!

Since I last sat down to write a coffee date post a lot has happened and I can't wait to update!

On top of being busy with school work I've also been interviewing at a few companies for possible internships! I'm really excited but also really nervous so keep your fingers crossed for me :) I also met with my academic adviser and found out that I am officially graduating in DECEMBER! I'm so excited but again also so nervous because I feel like there is just so much I have to start figuring out these next few months. For now, I'm just going to enjoy my last few months of undergrad and see where everything takes me!

Along with all of that school and work craziness...I am also no longer treasurer for my sorority! We had some changes to our officer board and I am happy to report I have been moved back to my old position of Membership Recruitment Director and I am really excited to spend my final semester in undergrad and sorority life doing the job that I love so much! I have a lot of catching up to do as far as planning goes, but I have so many things in the works for now that I can't wait to share! This weekend I'll be sharing the bid day theme I picked for this upcoming year and I hope my chapter is as excited about it as I am!

As far as shopping goes, I've been going a little more overboard than I should- ha! I'm still going hard on my skincare kick but I'm also really narrowing down the products that work best for my skin and I can really see a difference after using. I'm planning on doing an updated skincare routine in the coming months because I've basically switched out all of my old products from my previous post!

I just purchased a full size of this moisturizer and I'm obsessed. I was honestly on the fence about it while I was using the mini size but after finishing that one and seeing what a difference it made in my skin I knew it had earned a spot in my daily rotation.

I've also been obsessed with swimwear recently, which is odd for me! I usually tend to go out to Target the night before we leave for our beach vacation and try to find a last minute swimsuit, but not this year! I just picked up this top and this bottom during a sale last weekend and I can't wait to wear it all summer long :)

Thanks for sticking around after this long post! What are some of your favorite products recently??



Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Room Redo Inspiration | Pink and Grey

affordable room decor, target, target home, pink and gray, bedroom

With our move less than a month away I have been packing up my room and getting ready to decorate a new one! My goal for my new space is to make it really calming but still pretty. I already purchased this comforter set from Target and I've been collecting a few little trinkets and useful decorations to go with it!

The next thing on my list is getting a large basket to hold all of my extra blankets I like to keep in my room. I saw this one while shopping at Target and it's perfect- really big and under $20!

I'm also interested in getting a little pouf to keep next to my bed that will kind of stand in place of a night stand. My headboard actually has a lot of storage in it so I don't feel like I need to invest in a night stand, however I saw a picture on Pinterest that styled one of these poufs as a night stand with a tray, a book/some magazines and a glass of water which is really all I need! Plus, a pouf is about half the price of a night stand-ha!

One thing I'm really excited about doing is making a little gallery wall, but a floral gallery wall! I have a few framed pictures of flowers that I pressed that my BF gave me that I love. I want to hang them on the wall instead of having them propped up on my desk to clear some space. I'm also interested in adding some prints to my gallery wall- like this Evelyn Henson print and this Rifle Paper print! (Tip: if you want to make a fun, unique gallery wall find some pretty wrapping paper like this one and frame it! I got the idea from my customers at Paper Source who frame our flat wraps as decor all the time!)

What are some of your favorite places to shop for home decor?


Monday, March 18, 2019

What I Wore in South Padre Island

Spring break, affordable style, spring clothes

I'm so excited to finally share more about my trip to South Padre Island! To start off my spring break recap posts I thought it would be fun to share what I wore throughout the week! I tried to take pictures every day of what I was wearing, but by the end of the week it started to get more repetitive since it was a lot chillier than we all anticipated and I only brought two long sleeve shirts with me...ha! However, I still wanted to share because I really found my best fashion favorites while on this trip. I outlined a few of them in my February Favorites post that you can read here, but today I'm going to show you these pieces in action and how I styled them!

spring break, affordable, old navy, target

First things first- you need these jeans! I know I've talked about them so many times already here on the blog and on Insta but they're just that good! They are called the "power" jeans from Old Navy and they are the perfect straight leg cut and seriously so comfortable! I actually have two pairs of these in different washes and that's all I wore all week because it was so chilly! I love that they are cropped as well because they pair so cute with sandals and fun summer shoes. If you purchase one thing off my recommendations here, make it these jeans! I'm about to order 10 more pairs, ha!

cue the coffee, spring break, spring break style, affordable

Another favorite that I used every single day was this bag! I had my eye on one of these round straw bags since last summer and I was so excited when my BF gifted this one to me for Christmas! I got so many compliments on my bag while in South Padre and was even stopped in my tracks to ask where I got it from! Although one man did ask why I was carrying a water canteen at a bar...ha!

cue the coffee, spring break, affordable, target, amazon, old navy

Something else that I wore every day were my brown sandals! They were the best shoe to walk around in- they went with everything I wore and were so comfortable! I purchased them from Target last summer and admittedly they did take a good few wears to break in, but now they're my go-to sandals! I really loved them paired with the Old Navy Power Jeans as well.

cue the coffee, love, relationship, affordable style

I've loved tying scarves on my bags since last summer but I'm just now experimenting with tying them in my hair and I have to say I love it! This particular day we were visiting the sea turtle rescue that was outdoors and by the water and the humidity made my hair an absolute mess. So I took the little scarf off my bag and tied it into my hair and it was the perfect fix! With the summer months coming up I'm for sure going to play around with different ways to wear my favorite scarves. :)

affordable spring style

I ended up living in my favorite pink puffer jacket because it was so chilly while we were there! It was perfect because it was warm but light and comfy while exploring the island! I can't wait to wear this more into the Spring in MI!

Of course our last day ended up being the warmest! Although we didn't "swim" we were able to walk on the beach in shorts (!!!) and dip our toes in the water without freezing!

Now that we've been back for a few weeks it's actually warmed up quite a bit here in MI, so fingers crossed I can break out my favorite spring pieces again soon!

What are your spring break essentials??



Friday, March 8, 2019

Coffee Date

Coffee Date, Starbucks, Coffee

Hello, and happy Friday!

I feel like it's been so long since I sat down to write a coffee date post! These weeks have been so busy and I'm ready for a break from school work again, ha! Realistically, I only have about a month left of school before we get out for our "summer break", which is crazy to me! My campus starts our winter semester really early, so we are typically done by the middle of April which is always so nice.

This semester has been seriously kicking my butt in particular, I feel like I'm constantly drowning in papers and reading assignments but this week is the first time in a while I feel like I'm finally on top of things and could take a quick breather!

Monday was reserved strictly for watching the Bachelor and OMG....I'm still not over that episode! He finally jumped the fence but I totally feel bad for him! Are you watching, what do you think about the episode?!

Tuesday was fun because my BF and I were able to spend the night together and go try a new gourmet hot dog place by me for dinner! It was actually really good and we had a good time watching the women tell all and relaxing together at night :)

I've really been into making good breakfasts recently, so Wednesday morning I made my BF and I a breakfast smoothie, chicken sausages and toast! Oh, and of course coffee! We both really enjoy slow mornings like that and it makes me look forward to being able to do that every day with him one day :)

Thursday was just another day spent catching up on work and homework before the weekend, nothing too exciting. Does anyone else feel totally exhausted by Thursdays?

Tonight my BF and I are going to another sororities philanthropy event on campus and then relaxing the rest of the night!

Some other exciting news...we are moving! In other terms, I am redecorating my room-ha! I already purchased this comforter set and have some other ideas in mind on how I want to spruce up my new space a bit. I'm going for a light pink and gray look and can't wait to collect some cute new things for my room!

I recently picked this moisturizer up from ULTA and so far I really like it! I've noticed my skin looking a lot smoother since I've started to use it. I only have the trial size right now but I think I'll add the full size once mine is all used up! I also re-incorporated this into my routine as a morning toner and forgot how much I loved it!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I am excited to be back posting MWF next week and I'm finally getting around to sharing my South Padre Island posts!

What are you up to this weekend?



Monday, March 4, 2019

February Favorites & Update!

Hello, long time no blog! As you might know I was on spring break in South padre Island for a week...but my vacation got extended by about three flight cancellations! I was gone for about 10 days with the cancellations, and once we got home on Tuesday morning it was time to play catch up on all the school work, office work, treasurer emails and more. Last week was seriously the most stressful week I've had probably ever (is that too dramatic?! ha!), but I'm happy to report that I made it out alive and things are starting to look up! I got a 93% on a 10-page mid-term paper I had to rush to finish, my ads team brought in over $3,000 worth of revenue for our student run newspaper, and I'm currently all caught up on work for a little bit!

I had planned on taking the week of my spring break off from blogging just so I could enjoy being with my BF and my family, but of course I had to extend my blog break an extra week just so I could get caught up on all of the work I missed while trying to get home. Now that things have calmed down a bit and I'm finally able to sit down at my computer to write I am so happy to be back! Blogging really is a kind of stress relief for me and something that I truly look forward to throughout the week, so not being able to write when I had SO much I wanted to say was hard for me! But THANK YOU for keeping up with my Instagram page, I have so much fun interacting on that platform as well!

Now that I am home I am going to try to get back to my MWF schedule on here, but it might take me a little while to get back into that consistent schedule. However, I do have so many fun posts to share and I can't wait!

I am planning on sharing all about my South Padre Island trip eventually but for today I wanted to give an update and share my favorites from the month of February... and I have a lot of favs!

I feel like I have a lot of fashion favorites this month! I ended up packing all my fun spring dresses for Texas but was unable to wear them because the weather ended up being a little chillier than I anticipated. However I really found some tried-and-true favs that ended up being lifesavers while we were there!

my #1 fav was of course my pink puffer jacket from Amazon! Originally I bought this to wear on the plane from MI to TX, but I actually ended up wearing it all week! It was the perfect light, but warm enough to wear around the island when it was windy and chilly. It especially kept me warm when we wanted to walk on the beach! It's under $40, prime shipping, and I just think you need it for a perfect year-round staple. :)

My Amazon cat-eye sunglasses were also a favorite this month. I wore them every day while in Texas and I've been wearing them almost every day since we've been home too! When I bought them I really didn't think I'd like them as much as I do, but the shape of them is just really flattering on my face (and I think would be flattering on many other face shapes, too!) and they feel really high quality for the price I paid for them. I have a feeling these will be my go-to sunnies for the rest of this year.

I loved using this bag along with one of my favorite scarves tied around it on vacation. I got so many compliments on this bag while in Texas and I can't wait to pull it out again once the weather warms up! However, the real star was the scarf I tied around my bag. The weather in Texas was unbelievably humid, so when my hair got to be too much I just pulled the scarf off my bag and into my hair and it made a cute, quick fix!

I am still going hard on my skincare obsession, but I think I am close to figuring out the perfect combination of products to maintain my skin and make it look its best! I tried few new products throughout the month of February that have made their way into my everyday routine.

I had been on the hunt for the perfect, everyday SPF and I think I found a good one! I purchased the Elta MD sunscreen in SPF 40 and have used it basically every day in February! I have really enjoyed using it and feel that it does a great job at protecting my skin from the sun. This product also doesn't leave any white streaks on my face like other SPFs I've tried recently. The one downside is that I noticed it does pill up a little on my face, but only if I rub it in too hard. I've been applying it more gentle the last few weeks and haven't had any problems with it since! I am also interested in trying the tinted version to use as a CC cream- if any of you have tried it and liked it let me know!

I've also been loving using Differin Gel in my skincare routine. This product is an over the counter retinod that will help with cell turnover and renewing your skin; basically this will help get rid of acne and other skin concerns. If you want to learn more you can read this blog entry about it, it does a waaaay better job at explaining this than I do, ha!

Finally, I've been loving my Revlon blow dryer! This has really been a favorite since Christmas, but it really is a game changer for me. It's an all-in-one tool, and was great to travel with. It also dries and styles my hair all at once and saves me so much time! It also works great at touching up second-day hair.

One of my random favs has been the Gals on the Go podcast! I've been a fan of this podcast since day 1, but they've really been making great episodes lately. Their latest episode was an interview with the Intern Queen and had some great info on jobs, internships and interviews and overall was a great listen!

I also recently picked up New Beauty magazine and loved flipping through it and reading all about the best skincare and beauty products! I've really been into learning and researching what products and ingredients are going to be the best for me so flipping through this magazine is fun and informative for me!

I know that was a long post, so if you're still here thanks for sticking with me-ha! Now that it's March I'm looking forward to the weather hopefully not being so crazy, as well as a little weekend trip up north to our favorite MI spot; Traverse City! We are going up the weekend of St. Patrick's day for his fraternity formal but using it as an opportunity to visit some of our favorite spots! Best part? No airports for this trip, ha!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week!



Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Pink Puffer Jacket | What to Wear to the Airport In the Winter

comfy travel outfits, affordable travel outfit, travel, spring break

flight, travel, what to wear, affordable,spring break

travel, affordable style, outfit, spring break

affordable style, travel, outfit, spring break

flight, travel, outfit, style, affordable

I know, I know- I need to pipe down about my spring break trip but I just can't help it, I'm so excited!! My suitcase is packed, my carry-on is packed, my outfits are planned, our days are somewhat planned so it just seemed fitting I even had my travel outfit planned, ha! Obviously this isn't some high-fashion travel outfit, but I still thought it would be fun to show you what I'll be wearing on the plane this coming Saturday.

Since we are flying from Michigan (where it will be cold and snowy) to Texas (where it will be a little warmer) I wanted to make sure to layer without having too many bulky things on that will get in the way once we reach our destination. My solution? My pink puffer of course! This jacket is actually really warm, especially when layered with another sweater/ long sleeve shirt. It's also really comfortable so I know it will be perfect to keep on in-flight as well. This jacket is also packable and comes with a little bag so if it's too warm once we get to Texas I can just fold it up, pack it away, and throw it in my tote!

As for the rest of my look I just kept it comfy with my favorite leggings, comfy shoes, and a soft sweater! We have a long day of travel ahead of us on Saturday with two flights and a 4-hour layover so comfort was key for me!

What is your go-to travel look?



Monday, February 11, 2019

What's In My Bag: Spring Break Carry-On

travel, organization, carry-on, tips, advice
Tote Bag (Similar) // Scarf (Similar)

We are just five days away from leaving for our spring break trip and I am over the moon excited! Of course, I have already started packing since I want to make sure I am as organized as possible by the time we leave! It's also been a few years since I've last flown on a plane, so I also wanted to make sure I had everything I needed while in flight! I have most of my carry-on bag all packed up so I wanted to share some of my necessities that will keep me entertained, organized, and ready for the day while we are on our way to the beach!

books, recommendations, wallet, glasses

I always travel with a book, no matter what trip I'm going on! Since this is a break from school I'm going to take that as an opportunity to leave my textbooks at home and (finally) finish the book I've been reading for fun! I also like to bring a pen and highlighter with me since I like to highlight in some of the books I read even when I'm reading them for fun. Crushing It is a book that is more business-oriented and provides helpful tips and tricks about entrepreneurship and growing your side hustle so I like being able to highlight/ write down some of the tips outlined in the book! I'm also going to pick up my favorite magazine to flip through while on the plane as well.

I also threw in a notebook so I can write down any blog notes/ ideas I may have while traveling. :)

Of course I need to bring my wallet for obvious reasons- money, cards, keep track of plane tickets, etc. This is my favorite wallet because it's so compact, but fits a lot making it perfect for travel!

spring break, travel, organization

I made sure to throw in the sunglasses I'm bringing along on our trip as well as my normal glasses- both of these are things I know I don't want to lose/ could come in handy while on the plane! I'm also going to throw in an extra pair of contacts as well as a contact case just in case something goes wrong with my contacts while in flight- planes are dry so you never know what could happen and I have a history with my eyes getting irritated! Also bringing some eye drops could be beneficial, ha!

My airpods are probably my favorite things ever. I know they will come in handy while in flight so I can plug into my music or even some podcasts.

I'm making sure to bring my powder and a brush just in case I need to touch up during the day!

travel, organization, spring break

These satin scrunchies are my new favorite things ever! I picked them up while working at Paper Source last week and now I wonder why it took me so long to buy them! They are about $9 and come in a pack of five- they have been working great to put my hair back while I sleep and they don't leave kinks in my hair like normal hair ties/ scrunchies! I figure these will be great to pull my hair back on the plane and I know I'll use them all week when we get to our destination.

Lastly, I am going to bring all of my skincare/ beauty products that I know I'll use to touch up/ don't want to lose in a worse case-scenario event, ha! Everything shown is less than the 3.4 FL oz size so it's safe for travel and will easily make it through TSA. I also threw everything in a clear ziplock bag since that is also required for security purposes.

In my little baggie I have my favorite perfume to freshen up during the day, my favorite lip balm, clear mascara, mascara and mascara primer, my favorite eyelash serum, differin gel, eye cream, and of course my new fav SPF!

Before we take off I'll also make sure to throw in a snack or two (can't leave anywhere without a snack!), a magazine, and maybe a little puzzle book to keep me entertained on the plane!

What do you usually bring in your carry-on bag??