Monday, May 20, 2019

Beauty and Skincare Wish list

As always, I'm super into skincare products and even more lately! Since starting my new job and having a night class, I have to admit my skincare routine has kind of been put on the back-burner- especially the nights when I get home after 10pm and I fall asleep on the couch immediately after I get home...oops!

Since I have had a few days where I haven't washed my face as thoroughly as I should be, I've noticed my skin break out more and more which really solidifies the importance of a good skincare routine for me. I've had my eye on some new products recently- mainly skincare but I have a few "makeup" products thrown in there as well! I actually just purchased a few things off this list, so make sure to check back on my insta stories throughout the week to see what I got!

Some top things on my list? The Elta MD tinted SPF to use in place of a tinted moisturizer, PIXI's SPF facial spray for easy re-application while sitting by the pool this summer, and Supergoop's SPF hand cream to start protecting my hands from the sun!

skincare wish list, sephora, target

What's on your beauty wish list?? Anything I need to try?



Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday Style || What I Wore to Work This Week #2

Hello, happy Sunday!

Hopefully you have all had a good week and an even better weekend!

I'm back sharing my Intern OOTDs from the previous week and I'm having so much fun sharing and putting these posts together and even looking for more affordable clothes that can be appropriate for the office. I'm not trying to spend a *ton* of money but I am also working on expanding my professional wardrobe because I know not only will I have to wear it throughout the summer, but I have to have some go-to professional pieces for even more upcoming interviews, job opportunities and more with graduation on the horizon!

I also ended up working three days this week, and I was able to dress pretty casual all week which was nice!

Where are your favorite places to find affordable, office-appropriate clothes?? Let me know, I'd love to check out some new stores aside from Old Navy...ha!

Intern Style, Affordable Style
Walmart Top // Abercrombie Jeans
Barrington Bag // Skechers Cleo Flats

This shirt is actually from Walmart...I can't believe it! My 12 year old self would be appalled with adult me wearing a Walmart work!! But honestly, Walmart has been stepping it up lately! I kept seeing people share cute tops and dresses from Walmart on Instagram so I finally decided to pop into a store and see for myself if the clothes were really that good. To my surprise....they actually weren't that bad! This top was about $15 and is perfect to wear to work with jeans or even work pants, and even shorts on the weekends! I'll for sure be back for more.

Also, I've been wearing these jeans for the past few years and I love them! I typically am not a fan of jeans because they can feel really tight and uncomfortable, especially in the knees, but these ones are comfortable enough for me to wear a full 8-hour day at the office!

Internship, Career, Affordable Style, Style
Target Sweater (old, similar here) // Old Navy White Jeans
Target Sandals (old, similar here)

So, if you followed my Instagram stories this past weekend you may have seen that I spilled coffee all over these white jeans...Well, I'm happy to report that thanks to my BF's mom, my mom, and my sister for donating some Oxy Clean they are back and good as new! It seriously took a village...ha!

Anyway, I love wearing these to the office because they are a looser fit so they are really comfortable to wear all day! These specific jeans are the Power Straight jeans and they are my fav fit from Old Navy. Of course I also love wearing these outside of the office as well!

Style, Affordable Style, Casual Friday, Internship
Old Navy Cardigan // Old Navy Top (old, similar here)
Abercrombie Jeans // Barrington Bag // Skechers Cleo Flats

This cardigan has been one of my favorite things lately, it makes putting an outfit together so easy! I tossed it on over a striped tee for a day at the office and over a plain v-neck and leggings on Saturday! Of course now I want it in every color...ha!

Also my new flats and bag have still been going strong! Investing in these two pieces right away has seriously made all the difference in my "work wear wardrobe". I want to write a more in-depth review on my bag specifically but all I can say is it is totally worth the money. It literally fits so much stuff in it, it has so many pockets inside to help keep things organized, and is so versatile. I've even started using it as my day-to-day purse because I'm so obsessed with it!

Thanks for reading- I hope you all have a great week!



Friday, May 17, 2019

Vineyard Vines for Target || My Wishlist

Hello, Happy Friday!

I'm switching things up today and saving the weekly coffee date post for next week because tomorrow is the official release of Vineyard Vines for Target! I always look forward to Target's brand collaborations, they're fun to shop and I of course appreciate the lower prices ;)

My cousin and I are going shopping tomorrow to see if we can score any VV goodies at Target so I of course spent some time this week putting together a little wish list full of the things that I like from the collection so I could prepare and know what to look out for!

Are you shopping the Vineyard Vines for Target collection?? If so, what is the one thing you have your eye on??

Hope you have a great weekend!


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday Style || What I Wore To Work This Week

Hello, and happy Sunday! I typically blog M,W,F here on Cue the Coffee, but I wanted to start incorporating a quick blog post where I can share what I wore to my internship during the previous week so I can hopefully give some inspiration to you guys before we start again with a new work week!

A quick disclaimer about my office dress code: it is casual and we are allowed to wear jeans so I am planning to take advantage of that most days! I know this may not be every intern's dress code, but I still try and dress a *little* business casual, and always keep it professional. This week in particular I had to "dress up" a little more than I usually would (AKA, work pants) because of specific events we had to attend.

Also, I am currently only working in my office three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) so normally I will only share three outfits every week, but this week I also went in an extra day to see some product demos! I'd share snaps of what I wore the other days of the week but its usually something like leggings/ athletic shorts and an over-sized nothing too glamorous, ha!

I've also been doing my best to find affordable and appropriate work wear not only for myself who is on a strict budget, but because I knew I wanted to share my outfits with you and be able to link to affordable and cute intern style!

I also try and share my OOTDs on my Insta stories every day and I save them to my "Intern OOTD" highlight on my profile if you want to check them out there!

old navy, affordable, college intern
Old Navy Cardigan // Old Navy Dress (old, similar here)
Old Navy Tote (old, similar here) // J.Crew Factory Flats

This was my first day of work! I of course wanted to dress up a little this day since I wanted to make a good first impression, but I also wanted to be comfy and this dress fit the bill. I found it in the Old Navy sale section for like $10 a few months back and knew it would be a comfy, flowy staple in my summer wardrobe! I also love this cardigan because it seriously goes with everything and is the perfect length to pair over dresses.

college intern, internship, summer intern
Old Navy Sweater // Express Work Pants // J.Crew Factory Flats

I typically won't work Tuesdays but I wanted to go in and see some product demos so I could better understand our software! I had to dress up a little for this event since it was a company event and there were going to be buyers there and of course we want to represent the company well. I for sure need to get a few new pairs of fancier pants because I know I'll be wearing them pretty frequently throughout the summer and TBH I've had these for about five years...ha!

intern, summer intern, college intern
Old Navy Shirt (similar here) // Express Work Pants
Old Navy Tote (old, similar here) // J.Crew Factory Flats

This was probably my favorite day last week! The other intern on my team and I got to go on a ride-along in a police car for a few hours to observe our software! (Also, just to clarify, the company I am working for is a technology/ software development company!). It was really interesting to be in the ride along and to be able to ask the officer some questions about his job. I am actually on the marketing and content creation side so this information will be really beneficial for me when I start making social media posts and writing stories!

college intern, summer intern, business casual
Top (old, similar here) // Old Navy White Jeans
Barrington St. Anne Tote // Skechers Cleo Flats

Friday we were able to finally dress a little more casual so I took advantage of that! Most of the day was spent at my desk getting some work done and then my team went out for lunch which was fun! I was also excited to take my new bag and shoes out for a spin- the bag is great and fits so much, and the shoes were really comfy all day and had zero break-in time!

This upcoming week I actually have Friday off so I will only be working two days. That will be nice and hopefully give me time to catch up on other work I skimped on this last week...oops!

Let me know if you like these kinds of posts- I love sharing my style finds here on the blog so this has been really fun for me to incorporate!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



Friday, May 10, 2019

Coffee Date

TGIF!! It's been a week, but a good week to say the least! I started my internship and my summer class this week, so needless to say that's why I've been a little MIA on the blog! I've been making a point to update my insta stories every morning though to try and stay in touch!

Monday was my first day of work and class and was pretty exhausting. I had a small orientation and got acclimated to my new job and the team I'll be working on. I also learned that I will be going on a business trip to TEXAS in the coming weeks which I am so excited about!! I also started my class that lasted from 5:30-10:00pm which I was a little less excited about...I just need to get through a few weeks!

Tuesday I went into work to see some product demos and basically sat in on that for the entire work day. I used my "free time" at home to do some homework for my astronomy class before passing out by like 10:30, ha!

Wednesday I actually got to do a ride-along in a police car for my job and seriously loved it! The purpose of it was to see some software we develop in action but I also used the time to ask the officer I was with about his job and some other things. It truly was an experience I'll never forget! After we returned I sat in on a meeting for the rest of the afternoon before heading back to campus for another long class.

Wednesday was also exciting because both my new shoes and my new bag came on the same day!! I was home for about 15 min before driving back up to class and you bet I ripped open the boxes and tossed everything into my new Barrington bag!

Thursday I had the day off and used it to get caught up on some blog stuff, homework, chores and errands that I needed to get done before another busy weekend! My mom and I also ran some errands together and it ended up being a really fun afternoon! She came with me to the community college I'm attending this summer so I could pick up the materials I need and then we went to do a little grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and of course stopped at Starbucks on the way home! I've been stopping at Starbucks more often lately and my new go-to is a vanilla latte (hot or iced!) with coconut milk and it's pretty good!

Today I am off to work and my whole team is going out to lunch together so I am looking forward to that! After work I'm headed over to my BF's house so we can spend Saturday celebrating Mother's day with his family and then Sunday we are going out to dinner to celebrate Mother's day with my family! Hopefully sometime this weekend I can find some time to finish up some astronomy hw because I have a lot...only 7 more weeks until I'm (hopefully) done!

I loved this podcast interviewing one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley Brooke, and her husband, Ryan! Their love story was so sweet and made me tear up a time or two while listening.

I've also been loving  my new moisturizer from Mario Badescu, it's good!

What are your plans for the weekend?



Friday, May 3, 2019

Coffee Date

Starbucks, Starbucks Coffee, Favorites, Affordable

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week! This was my last week of my little "break" and while I'm a little sad to let go of my relaxed schedule I'm so excited to officially start my internship on Monday! I'm also a little nervous for my astronomy lab that also starts Monday so wish me luck, ha!

Monday started off really relaxed which was much needed. I had the whole day off and I used the time do get some errands done which was nice. Later in the evening I went to see Avengers Endgame with my BF and his roommates and omg...It was good! I'm not much of a Marvel fan, but the movies I have seen I've really liked! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time-lol!

Tuesday I spent the morning visiting with my brother and my baby niece which was nice! The rest of the day was spent shopping in preparation for next week. My mom and I went to Walmart and I picked up some snacks to bring in my lunch and I even walked out with a cute shirt I plan on wearing to work! Who knew Walmart clothes actually aren't that bad?? Later in the day my Dad and I went to Target because I had to buy a bigger lunchbox so I can make sure I have enough food to get me through my long days! Adult purchases aren't as fun sometimes..ha!

Wednesday I had an advising appointment to talk about graduation in December- I really can't believe I'm finally graduating! I'm so excited to finally be taking steps toward my future. :)

Thursday I had my last shift and taught my last hand lettering class at Paper Source before starting my internship on Monday! It's a little bittersweet but I am really looking forward to the next chapter of my life and reaching my career goals, finally!

Today I am having my first sorority recruitment video shoot of the summer! We are all meeting at a local garden and I'm really excited and hoping that the flowers will all be in bloom for some good video clips and pictures! Tomorrow my BF and I are heading back to the Tulip Festival in Holland, MI for the day and I am so excited. I think a little day trip getaway is just what we need to kick off our "summer" season. I'm excited to see the flowers and visit some of our favorite places from last year. :) Sunday my nephew is making his first communion so I am excited for that and to spend the afternoon with my family.

This week I finally purchased the bag that I've had my eye on for years. I decided to take the plunge and splurge on a Barrington bag as an early graduation gift for myself so I can use it for my summer internship. Aside from graduation on the horizon for me, this semester was the hardest semester I've had yet but I managed to juggle three jobs, save money, raise my GPA, get the best grades I've had probably ever, and overall I just kicked butt and I thought this was the perfect treat yo'self moment if there ever was one!

I also just purchased these flats for work and am eager to try them out. I've heard they are very comparable to the famous Rothy's shoes but more than $100 cheaper! They are arriving next week so I will give a full report once they are here :)

These shoes are also next on my wish list...and they will be mine come next payday, ha!

I hope you all have a great weekend! What are your fun plans??



My Summer sun care tips & favs,

And my April favorites!


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

April Favorites

April Favorites, Beauty, Fashion, College, Lifestyle

I can't believe it is already May! I feel like this year is always going by super fast- I feel like April in general went by really fast! Between finishing up the semester, finals, formal and so much more April was jam packed but I'm really looking forward to May and the rest of the summer!

On this month's agenda I literally have something every weekend- this weekend my BF and I are headed back up to the tulip festival and I cannot wait! We also have my nephew's first communion and will be celebrating that, the following weekend is Mother's day, the weekend after that my BF's nephew is getting baptized and then its Memorial Weekend! Not to mention on May 6th I'll be starting my new internship and my summer astronomy lab! Cue the coffee...this month is looking busy!

I know I just shared my March Favorites on the blog last week, but I have so many new products from April that I needed to share too! I feel like I have more than usual on here this month, so sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy my longer post on my new fav things!


I talked about this in Monday's sun care post, but It deserves a spot in my monthly favorites as well- The Jergens Wet Skin Self Tanner has been my #1 fav! I bought this about a week before my sorority formal this past month in hopes it would give a little glow to my skin and it really helped give me a good color! I used it every day leading up to the event and now use it every other day so it doesn't make me too dark. I use the medium-tan color and love the subtle color it gives me. Plus this takes like no time to put on since you put it on right after your shower!

I also talked about this in my sun care post but again, I've been loving it so much that it deserves a spot in my favorites as well- the Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum! I put this on every morning along with my SPF and I've really been liking it! I've only been using it for a few weeks so I don't have many results to report on but I can say it goes on really smoothly, feels great on my skin, and hasn't broken me out at all! I'm looking forward to continuing using this in my routine into the summer.


I noticed that my favorite sandals from last summer are back in stock at Target! I wore these brown sandals almost every day and when the weather is nice and sunny out I've been wearing these again! In my opinion they are the perfect sandal to wear with jeans, shorts, and especially dresses! They were a little tough to break in at first, but once they are broken in they are the most comfortable sandals ever!

I've also been loving my new white jeans! I picked up my favorite Old Navy jeans in white and already know they'll be a staple this spring and summer. I'll be wearing these to work with more professional tops and even on the weekends with tank tops and fun sandals. :)


You're probably tired of hearing about this one by now, but I've seriously been loving my Day Designer mini! I really look forward to writing out my to-do list and checking off my tasks every day and it helps me to stay really organized. I know it will especially come in handy next week once my internship and class starts.

With longer days on the horizon one of my goals is to make better and healthier lunches. I have a few reusable lunch boxes I'm going to use but I recently found these reusable snack bags from Target and am already obsessed! I'm planning on throwing these in my purse with snacks for long days. I'm excited to use these and cut down on all the single-use baggies I was using for my lunches previously!

May is going to be a busy month but I'm looking forward to a change in pace, some exciting weekends, and hopefully warmer weather!

What are some of your favorite things from the past month?